Wands – Introduction

Ace of WandsThe wands suit in general points to people and things that are active, energetic, and courageous. Often the suit is associated with the element of fire, and thus is linked to the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.


The Cards:


What the Wands Suit Is All About

Generally the suit relates to work and accomplishments, and indeed anything related to fruitfulness. Reaping the benefits of hard work is a fundamental aspect of wands.

It is also about new beginnings and it is worth bearing in mind here that fire is sometimes used to clear the ground in preparation for new crops, or planting etc. Metaphorically speaking this is what may be happening or may need to happen when wands cards appear in your reading.

The cards not only point to the cleansing power of fire though, but also to the misuse of fire and the finality of burned bridges. It is always tempting for those with a fire sign to metaphorically go “full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!” New beginnings are all well and good  but that doesn’t mean bridges should always be burned behind you.

The cards of this suit also evoke the wide eyed optimism of youth and the force which gets you out of bed in the mornings – life itself.

Readings which show a great number of wands cards do not only point at work, accomplishments, and financial rewards however. A financial reward such as a promotion or bonus may result from your hard work but not automatically so. The fruitfulness of the reward may simply be in the sense of your work being well received. Of course, that can stand you in good stead for the future.

Fruitfulness can manifest itself in many ways and so don’t think of it being related to employment only. You can put hard work into many different aspects of life if you think about it. Trying to win someone’s heart, getting your degree, writing a book, painting your house, passing your driving test, learning to cook, or even trying to get pregnant. The list is practically endless!

Although it is generally considered a very positive suit, and most times a reading will indeed be positive, there is a caveat. You should always be very careful about how you play with fire!



Image Attribution: “Ace” via Wikipedia.