Ace of WandsThe Minor Arcana: Wands

The Cards:

The suit of Wands in general points to people and things that are active, energetic, and courageous. Often the suit is associated with the element of fire, and thus wands are linked to the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Wands relate to work, accomplishments, new beginnings, and anything related to “bearing fruit.” They point to the cleansing power of fire; but also to the misuse of fire and the finality of burned bridges. But they also evoke the wide eyed optimism of youth and the force which gets you out of bed in the mornings – life itself.

Readings which show a great number of Wands cards do not only point at work and accomplishments. It can be “fruitfulness” in the sense of your work being well received, of your efforts to win someone’s heart bearing fruit, or even childbirth. Wands are generally considered to be very positive cards, but you should always be careful how you play with fire!