Grounding Techniques

Three Grounding Techniques for You to Try

I mentioned grounding and centering in an earlier article and why it was so important but didn’t discuss methods. There are many grounding techniques around and I will do my best to cover the main ones in these articles. This is my first installment of methods for you to try.



One of the simplest techniques to use is meditation. That word alone makes many people cringe, and also makes them think that they need to take classes in how to do it, wear special clothes, sit on a special cushion and so forth. Nothing could be further from the truth. The well-known teacher Ram Dass summed it up in three words: “Be here now.”

At the core, that’s really all you have to do, to meditate and ground yourself. Quiet your mind, and be present with it. Just sit. When your attention wanders, as it will – gently nudge it back toward just being, sitting empty of planning and thought and action. Five minutes is an excellent start.  It does get easier with practice!



Visualization is a natural follow-on from meditation for many. Others really struggle with it, and if you are one of them, don’t worry – there are plenty of other techniques to try.

Use a grounding visualization energy coming into your crown chakra from the universe, flowing down through all your chakras into the earth itself. From there the energy branches out like the roots of a tree into the earth. This creates a “circuit” of sorts, because the earth obviously puts energy back out into our atmosphere and into the galaxy beyond. If time allows sit with it until you feel fully centered, grounded, and protected.



Another technique that is time-honored and very helpful is smudging. This basically entails burning an herb, which is usually sage but some folks use tobacco.  Waft the smoke around your body and ask to be grounded and given strength for the reading.

It is also worthwhile at times to smudge your reading space thoroughly. Spend some time with the smudge stick burning in the four corners of the room where you read. In truth, though, how much time is needed will depend on the individual. You may find that a quick waft of the desk where you work accomplishes the same thing.


Grounding Techniques – Article by Deborah (Admin)


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