Business Tarot Spreads Are Not Easy to Come By!

There are not many business tarot spreads in existence and they are not easy to come by! At present we have two dedicated business tarot spreads for you to try although we are hoping to create some more in the not too distant future. The two spreads that we do have are both reproduced here by courtesy of Psychic Revelation.

If either of these do not quite fit the bill for your purpose then you can always try something like the Celtic Cross as an alternative. It may be possible to use one of the below spreads to address the situation you find yourself in and then use a general spread in conjunction with it. Much will depend on the circumstances that have brought you to ask a question of the Tarot.


  • Expanding Your Business
    • This spread considers whether it is a good time or not to consider an expansion of your business. It considers forces acting in favor of expansion and those acting against.  In addition it looks at other factors you may not have considered or be aware of. It then judges whether the expansion is likely to be successful or not.


  • Starting Up
    • For those of you considering starting your own business then this one is for you! Starting up is never as easy as some sources like to make out and it is definitely not for the faint of heart! It looks at the type of business you have chosen and considers whether it is the best choice for you. It also considers the timing and influences working for and against you and whether there is a helping hand to be had. Finally it considers the degree of success you are likely to achieve.