Tarot Spreads Both General and Focused for You to Try

The Tarot Time selection of tarot spreads is split into ten different categories as detailed below. There is always a temptation when you are new to the Tarot to use just one spread. The Celtic Cross and simple spread are usually the most often recommended, and there is nothing wrong with that. Learning one such spread in detail is a very worthwhile endeavor, but by ignoring all other spreads you may be missing out on much wanted detail.


Tarot Spread Categories:


Some of the more focused tarot spreads can often produce much more information then a general spread can. This is particularly true if the general spread you are using is the three-card or simple spread, or heaven forbid, a single card!

The reason I say “heaven forbid” is that personally I don’t think any important question should ever be answered by a single card. Life is not black and white but a shade of grey and a single card is far too black and white for my liking. A single card for a message from spirit, or a simple yes/no/maybe answer to a not too important question, is fine, but for “Is he the one?” it most certainly is not!

Having said all that about focused spreads, it is always worth bearing in mind that if you can’t find a dedicated spread there are alternatives. If nothing seems tailor made for your purpose then that is when you should consider some of the general spreads.

The Celtic Cross, for example, can be tasked with almost any purpose but there is a caveat. The caveat is that you may have to do several readings. It depends on the degree of detail that you are trying to elicit. It’s not always a case of one size fits all!