Swords Tarot Cards – Minor Arcana

Ace of SwordsThe suit of Swords in general relates to people and all things that are forceful, practical, and accomplished. It is usually associated with the element of air, and thus astrologically we find it aligned with the signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.


The Cards:

Swords relate to thinking and talking, and particularly anything associated with the mind. They point to both the positive use and the negative use of the mind, as well as to conflict.

That does not mean though that conflict has to mean violence. It doesn’t automatically follow. Swords can indicate minor disagreements just as often as major ones.

The Swords suit tends to have a bad reputation and at times that reputation is deserved. Any major upheaval in your life that is emotionally painful is likely to be accompanied by the appearance of Swords cards.

They are not by any stretch of the imagination always negative though, so use restraint in interpreting them and don’t always look for the worst case scenario!



Image Attribution: “Ace of Swords” via Wikipedia.