Pentacles Tarot Cards – Minor Arcana

Ace of PentaclesThe suit of Pentacles in general relates to people and things/situations which are stable, secure, and ambitious. It is usually associated with the element of earth, and astrologically with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.


The Cards:


Traditionally Pentacles refers to money but that is far from the full picture of what they represent; comfort, planning, and growth are all part of their purview. They are often equated with the concept of plenty and of having enough to meet your needs.

Pentacles relationships generally are those that are grounded, sensible, and stable. Relationships that are described by Pentacles often stand the test of time, and of course this can be true whether the people in the relationship are prosperous or not.



Image Attribution: “Ace of Pentacles” via Wikipedia.