Aces of the Minor Arcana

Aces of the TarotAces are the cards in the minor arcana that point to the beginnings of things. These “beginnings” are often as diverse as the first part of a project, the birth of a child, or even your first day on a weight loss diet.

Overall the aces are usually thought of as positive omens; for many readers this is so even when the aces are reversed. A new beginning usually means that the past is where it belongs – in the past.

If you’re wondering how people think and feel about you and the Ace of Cups appears, then it’s a safe bet that they mostly like you. Probably far more so than you are thinking or fearing.

It is said that the representation of the Ace of Cups in early tarot decks is actually based on the Holy Grail, but that doesn’t mean if it comes up in your reading that people are going to feel worshipful toward you!

Don’t project onto the tarot the energy you would probably feel from modern day playing cards if you drew the ace of any suit. A poker hand is very different from a tarot reading and it is a mistake to conflate them.

Aces also tend to point to where you should be looking if you are considering “What now?” in your future. Pentacles would point toward financial consideration and effort. Wands toward, perhaps, a new body of work or new approaches to past efforts. Swords would point toward the need to make a stand or to reinforce boundaries. Lastly the Ace of Cups would be pointing toward something connected with relationships, possibly new, or possibly new efforts within an existing one.


Don’t Overestimate the Importance of Aces

It is, however, very easy to overestimate the aces and their importance. For example, the Ace of Swords does not necessarily (or even usually) indicate the beginning of serious conflict or strife. Far more often, it just indicates tension and minor friction. Accordingly, it is easy to think that the Ace of Pentacles indicates a windfall of unexpected money. Instead it would be much more common and realistic for it to indicate that you will get a small pay raise. Or your aunt will pay back that $100 she borrowed seven months back and so on.

As long as you are thoughtful and relatively restrained in your interpretations; you won’t go far wrong. That way you will be happy to see aces appear in a reading. For the most part they tend to be very good omens.