Tarot Card Meanings That Are Useful and Not So Confusing

Tarot card meanings are found in many books and on many websites, but finding helpful definitions can still be very challenging. Most books and websites tend to give a single definition for each card which looks and sounds good on the surface, but falls short when you try and apply their definition to your reading.

In addition, many websites simply “borrow” definitions and meanings from other websites and lack any sort of originality. There are one or two websites that have genuine content of their own, but they are few and far between.

The tarot card meanings you will find here have all been written from scratch by us. Our definitions are written in plain English and are (we hope!) easier to understand than the vast majority of definitions you will come across. You will find the tarot meanings for each card split into the following categories:

  • General
  • Friends and Family
  • Love and Relationships
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Work and Career
  • Message from Spirit

TheĀ categories are all self-explanatory with the possible exception of “Message from Spirit.” This was added on for those of you who feel that Spirit is trying to give you a message, or for those of you who simply want to see if Spirit has a message for you regardless of whether there’s been any hinting. This particular section is really for use with a single card pull rather than from within a tarot spreadĀ and experienced readers can always use a Celtic Cross or something similar. But for the less experienced readers out there who are in the early stages of learning we thought it might be helpful to have a single card option.