The Golden Tarot Deck

The Golden Tarot Deck Review

No deck is going to please 100% of the people 100% of the time, of course. But The Golden Tarot Deck not only caught my eye but everyone I have interacted with who has seen it or used it really liked it.

There was clearly a lot of thought put into the choices that were made for the artwork as well as serious effort was made to produce high-quality, beautiful images in the first place. All of the images look like they could have been painted in the middle ages; however they were made digitally by the deck’s designer. She apparently took parts of actual early paintings and used software to “knit” them into new images.

The cards themselves have gilded edges, but like most things that are gilded, some of the gold will rub off slightly with use. I have not had trouble with this deck but it is not the one that I use daily; I have heard that one or two readers have had the image peel off from the card stock but that did not happen to me. Obviously that’s a fatal flaw so if you buy the deck, I recommend working with it for at least an hour or so while it is still within its “guaranteed” time period. Usually if something like that is going to happen (where a deck is a lemon due to poor production) it happens fairly early on.

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The Steampunk Tarot Cards

Although I have an appreciation for some of the “Steampunk” aesthetic, I am not a devotee of it. For example, my computer is a standard computer with no modification, even though I admire the look those offices of people who have built their keyboards out of wood and old typewriter keys. And although I am a woman who likes the flouncy dresses of the 1800’s, the movies “The Wild Wild West,” and “Going Postal,” not to mention the interesting props Johnny Depp worked with in “Sleepy Hollow,” I don’t own a lace-up corset, finger-less gloves, or any jewelry made from old watch gears.

I do, however, intend to make repeated use of Barbara Moore’s “The Steampunk Tarot Cards.” And if I weren’t working as a professional reader, I might even post or even frame an image or two from the deck; they are that appealing.

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Native American Tarot Deck

Although at first glance the artwork in the Native American Tarot Deckseems a little primitive I think that that is not a bad thing. This is not a sleek modern deck and it’s not meant to be. It represents a cultural identity that goes back for centuries. The artwork is different to what you will be used to but it does follow the Rider-Waite-Smith model to an extent.

I don’t think this is a deck for beginners; it is better suited to those with some experience. Having said that, if you are a somewhat inexperienced reader but are still drawn to this deck, then it may be worth your while getting the companion book Star-Spider Speaks: Teaching of the Native Amer Tarot to go with it. There is an accompanying booklet but like most booklets it doesn’t go into as much detail some people need or would like.

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Protecting Your Tarot Cards

Now there are some readers out there who do not take any special precautions to protect their tarot cards and if that works for them then so be it. It’s not for me to tell them they’re wrong. But if you are one of those readers you might want to try protecting your tarot deck and see if the accuracy of your readings improves!

The rest of us tend to take steps to protect our cards as a matter of course. Personally I don’t think there is just one right way of doing so; much will depend on your personal belief system. The majority of readers opt for one of three main choices:

Wrapping the cards to protect them and then keeping them wherever.

What you choose to wrap them in is up to you of course – the choice is very personal for a lot of people. My suggestion though is that you choose something like a square of silk. I do not believe the color is critical but I have to say that black is probably the most popular in my experience with purple a close second.

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