Tarot Cards That Fall From The Deck

Tarot Cards That Fall From The Deck Or Jump From The Deck

There can hardly be a tarot reader in existence who has not at some time suffered from tarot cards that fall from the deck, or a tarot card jumping from the deck, while shuffling or dealing. What you do about that card or those cards (if more than one jumps or falls) can have a profound bearing on the quality of your interpretation.

Like a lot of tarot readers, the vast majority of my study has been self-directed. However, when I was first beginning to read the cards (several decades ago now) I did have benefit of talking a few times with a local professional tarot reader.

I am plagued with not being very physically coordinated at times, and one of the first thing I did in her presence as I was nervously shuffling prior to laying out a practice reading was to drop about a third of the tarot deck on the floor.

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