Do You Let Clients Deal Their Own Cards?

I know Tarot Time is very new so I don’t expect to get a quick answer to this one! But… do you let clients deal their own cards? My question is aimed mostly at professional readers who do face to face readings but anyone who reads for others is welcome to chime in.

Having just written an article entitled “When Should A Tarot Deck Be Cleansed?” I was curious as to whether anyone still lets clients (paid or unpaid) deal or pick their own cards. Many moons ago when I was starting out learning tarot more than one book I had recommended letting a client do just that.

Now most of my reading nowadays is by email so it doesn’t apply to me very much any more. But I have to say that when I consider how much negativity I have come across and been exposed to simply with email readings that if it were a face to face reading I would not let a client so much as touch my cards let alone actually deal them. Hence the slant of the aforementioned post.

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Grounding And Centering

Depending on who you speak to you will hear that it is “critical” that you are grounded and centered before you do a reading. Whereas I do think it is important to try and be as grounded and centered as possible before reading, I am not sure that that I would agree and that it is an absolute must.

To an extent grounding and centering and the need to do it rather depends on how experienced or inexperienced you are. Professional Tarot readers build up a natural resistance to negative energies over the course of their professional lives and can ground very quickly when the need arises

They have to because if you are doing tarot as a full time occupation (and many of us do) you do not have time to go through what might be a lengthy grounding and centering ritual prior to each reading. It’s no different to working (for example) as a checkout operator – you will not have the time to meditate for fifteen minutes before dealing with the next customer!

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