Tarot Quiz #002 – Major Arcana

Although the cards of the major arcana can appear in connection with the mundane in life they more often point to the bigger questions and themes. When they do so they always have an importance at a personal level that is not always there with the minors. Knowing them well will help any new reader to read more accurately.

This free ten question tarot quiz will test your general knowledge of some of the major arcana archetypes, ideas, and concepts.

Keep trying until you get all ten right!

Tarot Quiz #001 – Major Arcana

The cards of the major arcana generally point to the “big” questions and themes in life and as a result have an importance at a personal level that is not always there with the minors. Learning them well will stand any new reader in good stead.

This free ten question tarot quiz will test your  general knowledge of some of the major arcana archetypes, ideas, and concepts.

Keep trying until you get all ten right!

Interpreting Time In The Tarot

Whether you are pulling a card to answer the question or whether you are looking at a specific card within a specific spread interpreting time in the tarot is not a simple matter. It does get easier with experience because your intuition starts to kick in and point you in the right direction, but for someone starting out it can be a very difficult proposition.

Being realistic we can ignore seconds, minutes, and hours but even so that still leaves us with days, weeks, months, and years. Without intuition to help you then as a beginner it is hard to know which unit is the correct one.

Now some readers I know don’t read more than a year ahead and so effectively they only ever work in weeks and months. So if they pull a card in relation to a timeline and it is (for the sake of argument) the 3 of Cups they would treat the timeline as being between 3 weeks and 3 months.

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Strange Tarot Questions!

Talking with a friend recently she commented that I must have had some strange tarot questions over the years and she wondered what the strangest question ever asked of me as a tarot reader was.

I thought about it and yes, I certainly have been asked some strange questions over the years but I had to think a little harder as to what were the strangest.

I have been reading tarot cards for over thirty years and have done so professionally for the last twenty years so I had a lot of readings to call on to answer her question.

I am sure there are some others that will come back to me but until then I thought I would share the first five of the strangest questions (at least to my mind) that I have ever been asked by a client. Here they are:

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Ceccoli Satin Bag

Ceccoli Satin Bag Review

The “Ceccoli Satin Bag” is the perfect protective bag for anyone who uses Nicoletta Ceccoli’s “Ceccoli Tarot Deck.”

This is another attractive offering from Lo Scarabeo and although it is intended to partner a specific tarot deck it is more than attractive enough to appeal to users of other decks too.

The bag itself is typical of Lo Scarabeo’s printed silk bags and it is approximately 6 inches by 9 inches in size or 160 mm x 225 mm. It is well up to their usual quality and is more than big enough for standard sized decks and would certainly handle some of the bigger ones.

Of course, once the bag is in use the picture is a little scrunched once the drawstrings have been pulled but that is true of any illustrated drawstring bag. If the bag were a little longer that would be minimized, but even as it is it is not a deal breaker.

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