The Steampunk Tarot Cards

Although I have an appreciation for some of the “Steampunk” aesthetic, I am not a devotee of it. For example, my computer is a standard computer with no modification, even though I admire the look those offices of people who have built their keyboards out of wood and old typewriter keys. And although I am a woman who likes the flouncy dresses of the 1800’s, the movies “The Wild Wild West,” and “Going Postal,” not to mention the interesting props Johnny Depp worked with in “Sleepy Hollow,” I don’t own a lace-up corset, finger-less gloves, or any jewelry made from old watch gears.

I do, however, intend to make repeated use of Barbara Moore’s “The Steampunk Tarot Cards.” And if I weren’t working as a professional reader, I might even post or even frame an image or two from the deck; they are that appealing.

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We Have a New Guestbook!

We have decided to have a guestbook at Tarot Time which can be found in the Tarot Time menu to the right.

Speaking personally I have zero tolerance for spammers so I am afraid I have added a simple math problem to ensure that someone is real and not a spam-bot. For those of you who have never run your own website you have no idea just what a headache would-be spammers and hackers are. For those of you who are “real” I apologize for the inconvenience – I hope you understand the necessity!

There are four obligatory fields on the form:

  • Name
  • Email address (This will NOT be visible)
  • Guestbook Entry
  • Anti-spam question (Answer in digits please!)

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Choosing a Love Reading

For those of you who want to know the possibilities!

Choosing a love reading to see if there is real potential between the two of you is not quite as straightforward as you might think even though there are several tarot spreads out there that could answer the question.

For the purposes of this article I am going to consider the following two  dedicated love and relationship tarot spreads:

  • Is He/She the One?
  • Magical Love

Personally I am not a huge fan of “Magical Love” as a spread even though at first glance it might seem to be a good one because it can be used as a “Will I find True Love?” reading or an “Is He/She the One?” reading simply by altering the first question. I am going to talk about this spread in the context of its “Is He/She the One?” usage. Which is:

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Tree of Life Tarot Box

The “Tree of Life” wooden box is approximately 4″x 6″x 2.5″ in size and features a hand carved tree of life on the top of the hinged lid. I don’t know where it was made (perhaps India?) as there was no identifying label on the one I received.

In addition, I am not sure what wood it is made from but perhaps one of our visitors has this box and knows in which case please feel free to comment and let me/us know!

It is nicely carved and finished but was a little difficult to open initially. That passed after a couple of weeks so I assume it was a humidity thing. Anyway it certainly became somewhat easier to open.

The box is quite big enough for nearly all the tarot card decks that I own. Only one set would not fit so I would imagine that most sets that people own would fit quite nicely. It doesn’t have to be used for cards of course as I can think of a number of things it could be used for but it certainly is very fit for the purpose.

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Tarot Quiz #003 – Major Arcana

The cards of the major arcana can and do appear in connection with the more mundane aspects of life but far more often they point to the bigger questions and themes. When they do so they always have an importance at a personal level that is not always there with the minors. Knowing them well will help any new reader to read more accurately.

This free ten question tarot quiz will test your general knowledge of some of the major arcana archetypes, ideas, and concepts.

Keep trying until you get all ten right!

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