FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This is our Tarot Time FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section which covers the most commonly asked questions that visitors have. If the question you have is not answered here however,  please contact us through our online contact form and we will do our best to help you. Although inquiries are usually answered very much faster, please allow 24 hours for a response.


Payment & Shopping Cart

Do you charge tax?

As a legitimate registered business we are required by law to collect 6% sales tax on all sales within the state of West Virginia, USA. If you do not live in West Virginia you will not be charged any tax.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards through PayPal and, of course, PayPal itself. PayPal no longer requires you to have a PayPal account or to join Paypal in order to use their payment services. You simply fill in your credit card details as you would on any Internet website.

Will Tarot Time appear on my credit card bill?

No. We understand that not everyone wants “Tarot” to appear on their bill. Many people like to keep their need for guidance private and so all payments made through Tarot Time will go to our parent company of DPH Enterprises.

Tarot Readings

How old do I have to be to get a tarot reading?

You have to be a minimum of 18 years old or to have reached the age of majority where you live. What this means is that if in your country you are not an adult until you reach the age of 21, then you will need to be 21 years old to have a reading.

What happens after I have bought a tarot reading?

You will be contacted by email usually within hours but almost without exception within 24 hours. If you have not heard from us by then please look in your spam folder first as your default email settings may be very strict and be causing problems. If you do not see an email there then please get in touch with us through our contact page.

You will also be informed who your reader is if you did not select one and you will be asked for any relevant information needed to do your reading. You can send the information directly to your reader (their email address will be supplied) or simply reply and it will be forwarded to him/her on your behalf.

In addition you will also be given an approximate turnaround time for your reading to be completed and returned to you. This timescale will come into operation when we have received any requested information.

The approximate turnaround time is only a guideline, but it is rare that we exceed the time given. If there is any likelihood of that you will be informed ahead of time.

If you have not heard from your reader within the estimated time period then again, please look in your spam folder. If you do not see it there please contact us and we will have it re-sent to you.

Who does your tarot readings?

All tarot readings on Tarot Time are done by the website owners and authors. Unlike so many other websites out there (not all, but most) we do not let just anyone come along and “sign up” as a tarot reader.


Do you use cookies?

Yes we do. Like most modern websites we need to for a variety of reasons. You can see what types of cookies are used and why they are used by consulting our  “Cookies Policy.”

How do I post a comment?

Comments can only be left on our non-reference articles – they cannot be left on our reference section articles.

Simply look for the”Leave a comment” link and click on it.

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All you have to do then is hit “Post Comment” and you’re done. Please note that all comments are held for moderation and will be published immediately upon completion.