Tree of Life Tarot Box

The “Tree of Life” wooden box is approximately 4″x 6″x 2.5″ in size and features a hand carved tree of life on the top of the hinged lid. I don’t know where it was made (perhaps India?) as there was no identifying label on the one I received.

In addition, I am not sure what wood it is made from but perhaps one of our visitors has this box and knows in which case please feel free to comment and let me/us know!

It is nicely carved and finished but was a little difficult to open initially. That passed after a couple of weeks so I assume it was a humidity thing. Anyway it certainly became somewhat easier to open.

The box is quite big enough for nearly all the tarot card decks that I own. Only one set would not fit so I would imagine that most sets that people own would fit quite nicely. It doesn’t have to be used for cards of course as I can think of a number of things it could be used for but it certainly is very fit for the purpose.

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