Ceccoli Satin Bag

Ceccoli Satin Bag Review

The “Ceccoli Satin Bag” is the perfect protective bag for anyone who uses Nicoletta Ceccoli’s “Ceccoli Tarot Deck.”

This is another attractive offering from Lo Scarabeo and although it is intended to partner a specific tarot deck it is more than attractive enough to appeal to users of other decks too.

The bag itself is typical of Lo Scarabeo’s printed silk bags and it is approximately 6 inches by 9 inches in size or 160 mm x 225 mm. It is well up to their usual quality and is more than big enough for standard sized decks and would certainly handle some of the bigger ones.

Of course, once the bag is in use the picture is a little scrunched once the drawstrings have been pulled but that is true of any illustrated drawstring bag. If the bag were a little longer that would be minimized, but even as it is it is not a deal breaker.

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Universal Satin Bag

The “Universal Satin Bag” or “Universal Tarot Bag” as I have sometimes seen it called on some websites is absolutely ideal for those of you who use the Rider Waite deck!

But there is no reason why you couldn’t use this bag for any tarot deck of course and I am sure many will. The design really stands out compared to some of the more commonly seen designs.

Made by Lo Scarabeo, it is approximately 6 inches x 9 inches (160 mm x 225 mm) in size and is made from satin. It’s not massive but will certainly accomodate a standard sized deck whether boxed or not. I like cards that are playing card in size and all of my decks fitted in without a problem.

I have seen some reviews of this item that claim the picture is part of the weave, but unless the design has changed I don’t think so. To me it looks like the Magician is printed rather than woven and that would appear to be backed up by the manufacturer’s website itself where it is described as printed satin.

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