How Do You Shuffle And Cut Your Tarot Cards?

How Do You Shuffle And Cut Your Tarot Cards?

How Do You Shuffle And Cut Your Tarot Cards? I was asked recently by a visitor if she “had” to shuffle and then cut her cards as so many sites she had visited recommended that this was always done. She wanted to know if she could go with her gut feeling rather than follow a rigid protocol.

My answer was basically “yes” because I don’t believe there is just one right way of shuffling and cutting. I do recommend that tarot cards should be shuffled prior to doing a new reading but how long you spend doing so and whether (and how many times) you cut the cards is entirely a personal choice.

Personally I open myself to spirit and trust them to nudge my intuition when the time is right for me to stop cutting or shuffling and to deal the spread. The process is never identical and varies in time and the number of shuffles and cuts I use.

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Strange Tarot Questions!

Talking with a friend recently she commented that I must have had some strange tarot questions over the years and she wondered what the strangest question ever asked of me as a tarot reader was.

I thought about it and yes, I certainly have been asked some strange questions over the years but I had to think a little harder as to what were the strangest.

I have been reading tarot cards for over thirty years and have done so professionally for the last twenty years so I had a lot of readings to call on to answer her question.

I am sure there are some others that will come back to me but until then I thought I would share the first five of the strangest questions (at least to my mind) that I have ever been asked by a client. Here they are:

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Do You Let Clients Deal Their Own Cards?

I know Tarot Time is very new so I don’t expect to get a quick answer to this one! But… do you let clients deal their own cards? My question is aimed mostly at professional readers who do face to face readings but anyone who reads for others is welcome to chime in.

Having just written an article entitled “When Should A Tarot Deck Be Cleansed?” I was curious as to whether anyone still lets clients (paid or unpaid) deal or pick their own cards. Many moons ago when I was starting out learning tarot more than one book I had recommended letting a client do just that.

Now most of my reading nowadays is by email so it doesn’t apply to me very much any more. But I have to say that when I consider how much negativity I have come across and been exposed to simply with email readings that if it were a face to face reading I would not let a client so much as touch my cards let alone actually deal them. Hence the slant of the aforementioned post.

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