We Have a New Guestbook!

We have decided to have a guestbook at Tarot Time which can be found in the Tarot Time menu to the right.

Speaking personally I have zero tolerance for spammers so I am afraid I have added a simple math problem to ensure that someone is real and not a spam-bot. For those of you who have never run your own website you have no idea just what a headache would-be spammers and hackers are. For those of you who are “real” I apologize for the inconvenience – I hope you understand the necessity!

There are four obligatory fields on the form:

  • Name
  • Email address (This will NOT be visible)
  • Guestbook Entry
  • Anti-spam question (Answer in digits please!)

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Tarot Quizzes!

Those of you who are regular visitors will have noticed that we now have a brand new section in our Tarot Time categories – “Tarot Quizzes.”

We have been discussing the possibility of including quizzes as part of Tarot Time for a while now and although it wasn’t something we had planned on doing quite so soon we have decided to go ahead and start.

Right now there is just the one quiz based on the Major Arcana but over the next few weeks we will be adding new quizzes until we feel that we have achieved a good representational selection to test your knowledge of the Tarot.

Although there is obviously a play element to the quizzes they also have a more serious side.  Yes, they are a fun distraction but in addition it is surprising how much you can learn by doing something so simple. They are a very effective way of learning some of the different concepts that the Tarot embodies.

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Welcome to Tarot Time!

Welcome to Tarot Time!

Our website is now fully live and we would like to invite you to take a look around.

We have tarot card definitions exclusive to Tarot Time which were written by the website owners who have 40+ years professional tarot reading experience between them.

We also have over 50 tarot spreads for you to explore, as well as tarot hints and tips, discussion articles, and tarot related reviews. In addition all tarot spreads are available in our website shop as professional readings.