How to Remove a Curse

How Do You Remove a Curse?

Did I get your attention? Good! If you searched for how to remove a curse through one of the search engines then you’re in the right place. I talked about being cursed in an earlier article but it seems the message still hasn’t reached everyone. So I’m revisiting the subject.

We still get people coming to us thinking that they are cursed and wanting a tarot reading to find out what they can do. After all, they’ve been told they’re cursed by a psychic that they’ve used for quite some time and therefore trust. So it must be true, right?

No, no, no, and again, no! And one thousand times more… NO.

You are not cursed and never have been. Almost everyone, you, me, Uncle Tom Cobley and all, have all at one time or another had a run of bad luck. Perhaps even really bad luck. Even to the point that everything seems to go wrong no matter what you do or what you say. It’s probably one of those times that you feel that if it wasn’t for bad luck you’d have no luck at all. Been there. Done that. Got the tee shirt. And it was a struggle believe me.

But I wasn’t cursed and neither are you. Life did change for the better (eventually!) and so will yours. Life is cyclical and that means you get both the good and the bad and you don’t get to choose which or when.

Telling people that they are cursed and putting the fear of God into them is one of those things that really %$#@s with my easy going nature! Because life is hard enough in this modern day and age where only money seems to matter without those shenanigans. Fear sells. It’s a well known fact.


Do You Still Think You Are Cursed?

Despite any or all of the evidence to the contrary some people are still scared it’s true. If you fall into that category then you are just the person the “curse removal” brigade is looking for!

There are many websites out there offering to “remove a curse” or “lift a curse” for you. At a price of course. Nearly always at a price. Furthermore, that “price” can be really high. Thousands of dollars. It often depends on what they think you can afford. But wait! There’s more…


I Have a Cheaper Way for You to Remove a Curse…

Never have anything to do with the person who told you you were cursed ever again.

You are NOT cursed and never have been.


How to Remove a Curse – Article by Paul (Admin)



Featured Image Photograph By Beatrix Belibaste (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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