Which Tarot Spread Is Best and How Do You Choose?

Which Tarot Spread Is Best To Use?

“Which tarot spread is best?” means it’s time to discuss the proverbial “how long is a piece of string?” scenario.  As you might guess from that opening statement it’s a grey area, and consequently there is no simple answer.

The short answer is simply whichever one suits your purpose the best. That sounds like a cop out and in some ways it is but think of it like this: One size fits all is fine for the majority of people but despite the claim one size does not fit all. It never has!


How Do I Choose?

Really the answer lies in identifying exactly what you want from the reading. Do you just need a yes, or no, or maybe type of answer? If the answer to that is “yes” then a single card may do quite well. A single card is quite capable of giving a correct answer. But it is a very black and white approach and misses out on all the shades of grey. That may work on occasion but most times you need more than just that, so one size does not fit all here.

If all you need is a little more information then a three card spread might do the trick. That looks it the past and present as well as considering the outcome and may be adequate for your purpose.

Human nature being what it is, though, most times there is a desire for as much information as possible. This is where it gets a little trickier!


Dedicated Spread or Something Else?

If your question or situation matches a dedicated spread exactly then that would be my recommendation. It’s what the spread was designed for and consequently should fulfill your needs.

If a particular dedicated spread almost fits your needs don’t be afraid to change the purpose of one or two cards to make it fit better. Tarot card meanings are not set in stone and neither are tarot spreads. There is no harm in experimenting and seeing if you can find something that really works better for you.

If that doesn’t seem practicable then there is always that old standby the Celtic Cross. I have seen it mooted elsewhere that the Celtic Cross is the only spread that is really needed. I don’t hold with that assertion and think that it’s better to give it some thought before using it. It might be that it is the best choice but you shouldn’t assume so automatically. One size does not fit all I said at the beginning. And that is true of the Celtic Cross too.


You Have Freedom of Choice

Don’t be hidebound by what others (including me!) say. The long answer is that the choice is entirely yours and if you want to draw a single card that’s fine. Just make sure that you don’t overload the card with your expectations. If you want to use a Celtic Cross and not a dedicated spread then that too is your right. I am not going to tell you that you’re wrong. Your choice may be better for you than mine is.

Which tarot spread is best really comes down to choosing a spread that works for your situation. But there is a caveat! The caveat is simply that unless you are a very experienced reader your ability and confidence need to be part of the equation.

If all you have practiced is the three card spread then suddenly trying one with sixteen cards may well be too much. This is especially important if the situation is complex or important. Sixteen is a handful even for a seasoned reader. You may be better off choosing to do several small readings around your situation rather than attempting a juggernaut.


In a Nutshell!

Choosing a reading is often very subjective and sometimes that won’t matter. It is better, however, to give it some thought and be as objective as you can.

  • Identify what you need from the reading.
  • Decide how much information you require.
  • Not much? Then choose something simple.
  • As much as possible? Then look at dedicated spreads.
  • If you find one within your skill range then fire away!
  • If there is no purpose made spread that works, or there is but it is beyond your current skills, then consider a general spread.
  • The Celtic Cross is fine for most non-standard readings.
    • If it’s too difficult for you then choose a three card spread. You can always do multiple readings to get the information you need.


Which Tarot Spread Is Best and How Do You Choose? – Article by Paul (Admin)


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