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8 of SwordsMore On One Card Pulls

I have had a few people contact me in response to an earlier article I wrote on one card pulls. They were concerned that they would be doing it the “wrong” way if they continued to use one card pulls as often as they did.

Now I am a firm believer in one size does not fit all and just because I tend to use a Celtic Cross rather than a single card on most occasions does not mean that you have to. My article was mostly aimed at making a reader (particularly an inexperienced one) think about what was being asked of a single card. Was the question appropriate for a single card, or not?

There are times when a single card is a very useful tool such as a “cloudy” reading and clarification is needed and that situation is an ideal one in which to pull a single card. Incidentally if one card does not clarify the answer sufficiently then don’t be afraid to pull a second, or even a third.

Life is rarely black and white and most answers to any question asked of the Tarot are usually a shade of gray. True, that shade of gray may be very dark (almost black) or very light (almost white) but that is not the same as being black, or being white.

Nothing is set in stone so sometimes the one in a thousand shot can pay off and at other times a dead cert fails to materialize. The degree of grayness is important and that is a tough challenge for a single card. The Celtic Cross would not be one of the most used spreads in existence if a single card worked just as well.

There is nothing wrong with using a single card in answer to any question if that is what you wish to do but I still stand by my original warning of “Don’t give it more than it can handle.”

More On One Card Pulls – Article by Paul (Admin)

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