The Golden Tarot Deck

The Golden Tarot Deck Review

No deck is going to please 100% of the people 100% of the time, of course. But The Golden Tarot Deck not only caught my eye but everyone I have interacted with who has seen it or used it really liked it.

There was clearly a lot of thought put into the choices that were made for the artwork as well as serious effort was made to produce high-quality, beautiful images in the first place. All of the images look like they could have been painted in the middle ages; however they were made digitally by the deck’s designer. She apparently took parts of actual early paintings and used software to “knit” them into new images.

The cards themselves have gilded edges, but like most things that are gilded, some of the gold will rub off slightly with use. I have not had trouble with this deck but it is not the one that I use daily; I have heard that one or two readers have had the image peel off from the card stock but that did not happen to me. Obviously that’s a fatal flaw so if you buy the deck, I recommend working with it for at least an hour or so while it is still within its “guaranteed” time period. Usually if something like that is going to happen (where a deck is a lemon due to poor production) it happens fairly early on.

For a professional working reader like myself and even though I almost never read in person anymore the box that this deck comes in may make up for any qualms about the cards. It’s sturdy, not stupidly over-sized and will work to store the deck permanently if you wish or to carry them with you.



This is not the worst deck you could buy for someone who simply wants to learn tarot and who is relatively new to the work, but it will especially wow those who are art lovers. A few of those students will find this deck a little frustrating, but the thought and effort that Black put into these cards and their interpretations will mean that even new readers will figure out the card with a few moment’s thought.

All in all, I do recommend them, I would either buy them second hand and clear them, (meaning your price is lower than the brand new so if you get a badly produced deck, you won’t have lost too much) or, better yet, buy them brand new from someplace or someone who will stand behind their wares.

There is really only one other caveat and that is that there are more than a few people who have a visceral, negative reaction to Christian archetypes and images, even ancient ones, for a variety of reasons. If you or the person you are considering this deck for are one of them, this is not the deck for you as it is a recognizable theme throughout the artwork. But for everyone else: yes, take the chance. It’s likely that the insight you glean through working with the deck will outweigh any of the potential problems.


The Golden Tarot Deck – Review by Deborah (Admin)


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