Tarot Quiz #004 – Minor Arcana

Although the cards of the major arcana are undoubtedly very important no tarot reading can fully explore the complexities of an answer without input from the minor arcana. Knowing them well will help any new reader to read more accurately.

This free ten question tarot quiz will test your general knowledge of some of the minor arcana archetypes, ideas, and concepts.

Keep trying until you get all ten right!


  • 1. Which tarot card can mean a new love is coming your way?
  • 2. Which tarot card can mean that a relationship just isn't meant to be?
  • 3. Which tarot card is most likely to indicate a period of financial well-being?
  • 4. Which tarot card is really good to get if you are looking for love?
  • 5. Which tarot card could mean you need to draw boundaries where friends and/or family are concerned?
  • 6. The appearance of which king could mean it's a good time to reaffirm family connections?
  • 7. Which tarot card is often known as the “Wish card?”
  • 8. Which tarot card carries the lesson that you cannot buy spiritual enlightenment?
  • 9. Which tarot card could mean finding work by looking up old contacts?
  • 10. Which tarot card is sometimes about boredom and the problems it brings?

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