The Steampunk Tarot Cards

The Steampunk Tarot Cards Review

Although I have an appreciation for some of the Steampunk tarot aesthetic, I am not a devotee of it. For example, my computer is a standard computer with no modification, even though I admire the look those offices of people who have built their keyboards out of wood and old typewriter keys.

And although I am a woman who likes the flouncy dresses of the 1800’s, the movies “The Wild Wild West,” and “Going Postal,” not to mention the interesting props Johnny Depp worked with in “Sleepy Hollow,” I don’t own a lace-up corset, finger-less gloves, or any jewelry made from old watch gears.

I do, however, intend to make repeated use of Barbara Moore’s “The Steampunk Tarot Cards.” And if I weren’t working as a professional reader, I might even post or even frame an image or two from the deck; they are that appealing.

The images were created by Aly Fell and the illustrations evoke an earlier time and yet at the same time they relate to the meanings that even relatively new readers are familiar with. For example: the Two of Cups in this deck shows the familiar two persons with two cups; but they are posed a little differently/depicted with different aspects/items.

I find too that the cards spark additional meanings in my intuition. Most readers, including myself, think of the eight of cups card as an ending, and/or a situation that you wish to walk away from. That is accurately represented in the deck – but the Steampunk Tarot made me think for the first time that the eight refers also to tradition, and that we would have had to learn and study previously in order to be ready to do that “walking away.” Furthermore, it also alludes to a need to have a map, a plan, of where we’re going to go. Both things that had never fully occurred to me previously.

Some people have complained about the size of the cards; they are not over-sized. As I am a person with small hands, I don’t find that to be a problem, I personally prefer playing card size for tarot cards. The quality of the cards themselves are about average in terms of card stock, etc. despite the fact that it’s a cliché that they don’t “make ‘em like they used to,” they really don’t.

Generally speaking, tarot decks from even a few years back are printed on stronger stock than most you can buy for under $50 today. So there is nothing specifically bad about the paper – it’s typical. And a book, of course is included, with some interesting thoughts and interpretations by Ms. Moore.

Overall even a relative novice is going to find these cards easy to work with. They are labeled with what they are (e.g. the six of cups actually says “six of cups”) which obviously assists everyone in reading /learning the cards. So I do recommend this deck for all and sundry. Even those who work with the tarot daily will find it a refreshing new take, in my opinion.


The Steampunk Tarot Cards – Review by Deborah (Admin)


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