Choosing a Love Reading

Choosing a Love Reading – For Those of You Who Want to Know the Possibilities!

Choosing a love reading to see if there is real potential between the two of you is not quite as straightforward as you might think even though there are several tarot spreads out there that could answer the question. So… which love reading do you choose?

For the purposes of this article I am going to consider the following two  dedicated love and relationship tarot spreads:

Personally I am not a huge fan of “Magical Love” as a spread even though at first glance it might seem to be a good one because it can be used as a “Will I find True Love?” reading or an “Is He/She the One?” reading simply by altering the first question. I am going to talk about this spread in the context of its “Is He/She the One?” usage. Which is:

  1. Have you found your true love?
  2. Will you feel safe and secure with this person?
  3. Is marriage a potential for you?
  4. Will this new love be similar to your past lovers?
  5. Will commitment be possible with this new love?
  6. Can the magic last between you?
  7. What can you do to make this person part of their life?

To me I think that it is repeating itself in part by asking whether marriage and commitment are both possible. One should not come without the other of course because you would be very unwise to get married without commitment! But in a love reading having both is somewhat redundant.

I have a similar problem with #2 which asks will you feel safe and secure? The spread asks whether you will “feel” safe and secure. There is a huge difference between “feeling” safe and secure and actually “being” safe and secure. The cards could answer “yes” and yet the truth could be that you are not safe and secure. See what I mean?



Now let’s contrast the above mentioned redundancies and drawbacks with Psychic Revelation’s “Is He/She the One?” tarot spread. Which is:

  1. Is he/she potentially “the one” for you?
  2. Is commitment/marriage a possibility with this person?
  3. Influences standing in the way of a relationship.
  4. Influences acting in favor of a relationship.
  5. What can you do to help (or be ready for) this person (to) become part of your life?
  6. What does this person need to do before they are ready to become part of your life?
  7. Will you be happy with this person?

This spread looks at whether there is potential for someone to be “The One” and whether commitment and marriage are a possibility but it doesn’t waste a question in doing so.

Now although “Magical Love” spread does address what you can do to make this person part of your life (which is an incredibly important aspect) the “Is he/she the one?” spread not only does that but it also considers what your potential partner needs to do.

And perhaps even more importantly it looks at the influences working for and against the possibility of something special happening. Those few extra questions make the “Is he/she the one?” spread to be my spread of choice when someone really wants to know whether there is some potential.

Now, I appreciate that like so many things my personal preference might not coincide with yours! And it may be that “Magical Love” spread resonates with you more than it does with me and if so, then so be it! It is after all (allegedly) a free country!

We offer both readings here and I am not going to tell you that you are wrong if you choose to buy a “Magical Love” tarot reading. Or indeed, that  you are wrong if you choose to use that spread for yourself. All I can say is that in all my many years experience of using both spreads I think the “Is he/she the one?” spread is the better of the two.

Incidentally, just before I finish up I do want to say most emphatically that despite what Hollywood would have you believe we do not have just one potential mate in life. There will be (for most people) at least a handful of possibilities who could end up being “The One.”


Choosing a Love Reading – Article by Deborah (Admin)



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