Tarot Cards That Fall From The Deck

Tarot Cards That Fall From The Deck Or Jump From The Deck

There can hardly be a tarot reader in existence who has not at some time suffered from tarot cards that fall from the deck, or a tarot card jumping from the deck, while shuffling or dealing. What you do about that card or those cards (if more than one jumps or falls) can have a profound bearing on the quality of your interpretation.

Like a lot of tarot readers, the vast majority of my study has been self-directed. However, when I was first beginning to read the cards (several decades ago now) I did have benefit of talking a few times with a local professional tarot reader.

I am plagued with not being very physically coordinated at times, and one of the first thing I did in her presence as I was nervously shuffling prior to laying out a practice reading was to drop about a third of the tarot deck on the floor.

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More On One Card Pulls

More On One Card Pulls

I have had a few people contact me in response to an earlier article I wrote on one card pulls. They were concerned that they would be doing it the “wrong” way if they continued to use one card pulls as often as they did.

Now I am a firm believer in one size does not fit all and just because I tend to use a Celtic Cross rather than a single card on most occasions does not mean that you have to. My article was mostly aimed at making a reader (particularly an inexperienced one) think about what was being asked of a single card. Was the question appropriate for a single card, or not?

There are times when a single card is a very useful tool such as a “cloudy” reading and clarification is needed and that situation is an ideal one in which to pull a single card. Incidentally if one card does not clarify the answer sufficiently then don’t be afraid to pull a second, or even a third.

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The Golden Tarot Deck

The Golden Tarot Deck Review

No deck is going to please 100% of the people 100% of the time, of course. But The Golden Tarot Deck not only caught my eye but everyone I have interacted with who has seen it or used it really liked it.

There was clearly a lot of thought put into the choices that were made for the artwork as well as serious effort was made to produce high-quality, beautiful images in the first place. All of the images look like they could have been painted in the middle ages; however they were made digitally by the deck’s designer. She apparently took parts of actual early paintings and used software to “knit” them into new images.

The cards themselves have gilded edges, but like most things that are gilded, some of the gold will rub off slightly with use. I have not had trouble with this deck but it is not the one that I use daily; I have heard that one or two readers have had the image peel off from the card stock but that did not happen to me. Obviously that’s a fatal flaw so if you buy the deck, I recommend working with it for at least an hour or so while it is still within its “guaranteed” time period. Usually if something like that is going to happen (where a deck is a lemon due to poor production) it happens fairly early on.

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How Do You Shuffle And Cut Your Tarot Cards?

How Do You Shuffle And Cut Your Tarot Cards?

How Do You Shuffle And Cut Your Tarot Cards? I was asked recently by a visitor if she “had” to shuffle and then cut her cards as so many sites she had visited recommended that this was always done. She wanted to know if she could go with her gut feeling rather than follow a rigid protocol.

My answer was basically “yes” because I don’t believe there is just one right way of shuffling and cutting. I do recommend that tarot cards should be shuffled prior to doing a new reading but how long you spend doing so and whether (and how many times) you cut the cards is entirely a personal choice.

Personally I open myself to spirit and trust them to nudge my intuition when the time is right for me to stop cutting or shuffling and to deal the spread. The process is never identical and varies in time and the number of shuffles and cuts I use.

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Tarot Quiz #004 – Minor Arcana

Although the cards of the major arcana are undoubtedly very important no tarot reading can fully explore the complexities of an answer without input from the minor arcana. Knowing them well will help any new reader to read more accurately.

This free ten question tarot quiz will test your general knowledge of some of the minor arcana archetypes, ideas, and concepts.

Keep trying until you get all ten right!

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